Useful Android Apps (including many for Bible Students, incl. Jehovah’s Witnesses)

My favourite apps on my Android tablet are:-

Bus Countdown – My favourite app for checking where the nearby bus stops are, what routes are available and when buses are coming.

Citymapper – Great for planning journeys, especially valuable for local travel as it shows you at a glance all the upcoming buses and trains leaving nearby in the near future.

Moon+ Reader – My favourite reader for ePub files, which makes it ease to create favourite lists.

HP All-in-One Remote – I use this regularly to wirelessly scan documents and photos, which I can edit using Gallery as I need.

X2IMG – I use this to convert PDF files to image files (so I can easily edit them).

Image to PDF Converter – I use this to create PDF files from images, which makes them easier to use.

For Bible Students, including Jehovah’s Witnesses

JW Library – Allows you to read the Bible easily at any time – in ANY language and even in alternate translations. Also allows you to download and read any of a huge range of Bible-based magazines, books, music, talks and videos.

JW Study Aid – Makes it so easy to look up scriptures in the Bible, as well as the Days Text and magazines/books in PDF formats- ideal especially if you prefer to read Bible and Day’s Text in white text on a black background. By Thunderstone Apps.

Kingdom Songbook. Provides a easy to use lyrics-only songbook you can use at the meetings, and for practising them. Can also be used to play the music, great for practice sessions.

JW Pubs Feeder – You can ask this app to automatically download the latest magazines, in a variety of formats such as PDF, ePub and MP3 to a folder of your choice, so they’re always ready to use (No last minute rush to download from JW.ORG). By AreaStudio.

Daily Text 2016 – Shows the text at midnight each day, so it’s right in front of you when you wake! Can even read out the text and comment to you. By Manned Kretschmer.

My Ministry – Makes it easy to record your time, calls and Return Visits. By Derek Winstead

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