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Is your computer s-l-o-w-i-n-g down?

Causes of computer slowness


Switching to a new Windows 8 PC

laptop with windows 8

You know that Windows 8 uses a Start screen (as shown in the picture above) – instead of the Start menu.

There are many more differences between Windows 7, Vista, XP and this new version of Windows. For example:-

Windows 8 doesn’t come with Adobe Reader – it uses its own PDF reader (by default) – but you can download Adobe Reader easily by clicking here

Windows 8 doesn’t come with a DVD player – but you can install one for FREE, such as VLAN available for download from here

Windows 8 uses a new type of application called ‘Metro apps’ which use the full screen and were designed for touchscreens (as was the Start screen). However, many prefer to use the original applications such as Windows Media Player and Windows Photo Viewer – this means changing the ‘file associations’ which can be fiddly – so a step-by-step article on how to do this will appear very soon on this blog.


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Windows XP users – action you need to take!

You CAN continue using your Windows XP computer after 8th April – with the right support (which will continue  be available from PC GP – forever, because this is still the version of Windows I’m most familiar with!!)

Firstly, you should now check it is running Service Pack 3. The following screenshot shows how easy it is to check …

Checking XP Service Pack number - both

NOTE: Updating is usually straightforward, but you should ensure you have a backup of all your files FIRST (in case there’s a problem) with the PC – and read all the screens carefully.

If you have Service Pack 3, you should check you have all the other “Important” updates, because they may be withdrawn soon.

ALSO:- You should use Firefox or Chrome to surf the internet, not Internet Explorer anymore. You can import your IE favourites into either program easily.


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