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Spyware – Prevention Tips

Article updated on Sunday 18th May 2015

Most people understand why they NEED to have anti-virus software (eg McAfee, Norton, Avast ….) on their Windows PC …. and of course kept regularly up to date.

But is it enough to keep your computer secure?

Over 15 years of supporting Windows computers which have been affected by spyware suggests the answer is “No”! You need a reputable anti-spyware program – I recommend Malwarebytes Anti Malware.

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Once you download it, it will thoroughly scan your PC – and remove any infections. It will remain on your PC, protecting it against further infections. Eventually, you will have the choice to continue using it for FREE (though without continuous protection) or pay just £20 for a Premium licence for 1 year for 3 PCs.

I’d recommend you download a copy for your PC from

NOTE: Unscrupulous anti-spyware programs – most of which advertise themselves as you’re browsing the internet – will ONLY scan for infections – insisting you pay a fee for a copy which removes them.

You should also be cautious when installing software you’ve downloaded from the internet – often it comes with adware bundled which could introduce malware. To check, choose the “Custom Installation” option which will give you the option to opt-out if you wish.

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