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Interested in Skype ?

Skype logois a FREE* internet phone service which allows you to chat with (and even see!) family or friends wherever they are in the UK … or the worl

Many of your family or friends probably already have a Skype account, and would love to “connect” with you

All you need is a computer with sound capability, a home broadband and a webcam.

A webcam is built into most laptops, netbooks and tablets. For a desktop PC you can simply add a small webcam to your existing monitor (most of them come with a microphone built-in)

webcam on monitor

If you need assistance with geting everything supplied and setup in your home, Julia the PC GP can help you – contact me by filling in this simple form (indicating which area of London you live in).


* Only some services, such as 3 way video calls, require the use of Skype credit.

If you need to buy a webcam for your desktop PC, you can click here Logitech C270 HD Webcam – Black to see one which is currently available

Monitor problem – what you can check before calling support ….

The first thing is to check if the fault is with the monitor – or your PC.

This is important because – if it’s the cable or the monitor, it can be easily replaced yourself without too much expense (possibly just £10 or £15 – or even £0 which is perfect!).

Here’s how to see if the monitor or the video cable is the problem:-

1. Monitor is receiving power – either a green/blue or amber light. *
2. Cable is securely attached to the screen – tighten the thumbscrews if necessary.
3. Cable is securely attached to the back of the PC – tighten them if necessary.

below is a VGA connectorVGA connector

4. Ask a friend / colleague if they have a similar cable (blue is VGA, white is DVI and black is HDMI).

5. Ask a friend / colleague if they will let you borrow their monitor – to see if it is at fault.

If you still see nothing on screen, the fault is likely with your computer itself. It contains a video card (either built-in) or slotted in which may be faulty and need replacement. Or there could be a more serious problem with the circuitry inside your PC which may make it not economical to repair.

* an amber light can mean one of two things – it’s in “power save mode” or not connected to the PC. In power saving mode, usually pressing the space bar on your keyboard (and/or moving the mouse) will restore the screen to life.

* If not connected to the PC, usually it will show the words “No connection” but again these words may not be visible if the monitor’s gone into “power save” mode so you may wish to do the above first to check.


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Monitor connections – VGA, DVI + HDMI

Flat screen monitors for computers can have 3 different type of video connection to your computer:

  • VGA is the oldest (and is usually blue)
  • DVI is newer (and is usually white)
  • HDMI is the most recent (and is usually coloured black)

When buying a new monitor or computer, check that both items share at least one of the above connection types – otherwise you may need to buy a different cable or adapter to connect them (usually around £15 in most stores). If you need advice, please contact me here


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