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MS Office – Freeing up screen space

In Microsoft Office 2007 and later, which uses the Ribbon you can minimise it to free up an extra 1″ of screen space to view your document. Here’s how:-

1. Right click on the ribbon to call up the shortcut menu.

Screenshot 2

2. Click on “Minimise the toolbar”. The Toolbar immediately disappears from view, leaving just the menu visible.

Screenshot 3.

3. These menus can be used to make the ribbon temporarily re-appear – disappearing within a few minutes.

4. Here is how to make the ribbon re-appear. Right click on the toolbar again to call up the shortcut menu.

Screenshot 4

5. Click again on “Minimise the toolbar” to remove the tick from the menu item. The ribbon will appear and remain visible at all times.

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MS Office – Quick Access Toolbar tip

By default, the Quick Access Toolbar is within the program’s Title Bar (as you’ll see in the screenshot below).

MS Office - Quick Access Toolbar 1A

Many users find the Quick Access Toolbar easier to use in a slightly different position – underneath the Ribbon as you can see here:- Read the rest of this entry