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Using Excel’s Autofill feature to save time

If you need to fill in a range of headings, or a column of data, Autofill can really save you time. It can be used for consecutive numbering, days of the week, months of the year, years (such as 2014, 2015 …..) and much more. As long as you have at least the first 2 entries, Excel can generally guess how to continue the series.

Here’s an example of how you begin:-

Freeze panes - 1 Read the rest of this entry

MS Office – Quick Access Toolbar tip

By default, the Quick Access Toolbar is within the program’s Title Bar (as you’ll see in the screenshot below).

MS Office - Quick Access Toolbar 1A

Many users find the Quick Access Toolbar easier to use in a slightly different position – underneath the Ribbon as you can see here:- Read the rest of this entry

Word – Thumbnails view

Here’s a great tip for long documents. You can view a panel showing a “thumbnail” of each page on the left hand side of the screen, allowing you to quickly see an overview of its layout and contents without too much scrolling

Word thumbnails view

To see this panel, call up the “View” menu and you’ll see a tickbox for Show/Hide Thumbnails. The panel can even be resized to you can see 2 pages side by side.


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Windows XP users – action you need to take!

You CAN continue using your Windows XP computer after 8th April – with the right support (which will continue  be available from PC GP – forever, because this is still the version of Windows I’m most familiar with!!)

Firstly, you should now check it is running Service Pack 3. The following screenshot shows how easy it is to check …

Checking XP Service Pack number - both

NOTE: Updating is usually straightforward, but you should ensure you have a backup of all your files FIRST (in case there’s a problem) with the PC – and read all the screens carefully.

If you have Service Pack 3, you should check you have all the other “Important” updates, because they may be withdrawn soon.

ALSO:- You should use Firefox or Chrome to surf the internet, not Internet Explorer anymore. You can import your IE favourites into either program easily.


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MS Word Font spacing – How to adjust …..

MS WORD (all versions) – Here’s how to adjust the font spacing so that words appear clearer …. which is GREAT for headings !

Font spacing pic for Linked In
1. You open the Font dialog box (using the little arrow to the bottom right of the font icons, which are on the Home ribbon.

2. Switch to the tab called “Character Spacing” and choose how much to expand the text by. Once you’re happy with the preview, click OK to confirm.


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