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Wi-fi becoming unreliable?

wi fi logoIf your wireless connection is becoming unreliable, you can simply plug a tiny adapter like this

wi fi dongle

… into one of your laptop’s USB ports. It will immediately set itself up, providing you with a steady connection to your broadband router. These adapters are readily available from high street retailers like Maplin for about £10-20.

Click here Edimax EW-7811UN 150Mbps Wireless Nano USB Adapter to view one currently on sale online.

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Easily re-using a drive from a older PC

Any hard drive from a computer (even a laptop) can be easily transferred into a USB Drive Enclosure like the one shown below:-


This one is for a desktop hard drive (3.5″) – whether an older IDE one or a newer SATA. It can be bought from any Maplin (or PC World) for about £30-40. Those for a laptop hard drive (2.5″) are usually cheaper and have the advantage of not (usually) requiring a power socket connection.

After connecting the power and drive connectors, you simply pllug in the power and a USB cable, simply plug it into any PC. Within a few minutes, it will show up in Windows as a new drive – just like a USB memory stick – with a drive letter like E, allowing you to access  the files.

As it’s come from a Windows PC, you’ll need to look for your Windows profile – which will usually be under the “Users” directory.  Then look for the directories which contain your files such as Documents, Music or Pictures.

USB ports too close together?

If you find it tricky to plug items into your computer’s USB ports, you can purchase an extension lead to make it much easier.

Here’s a picture of a short one I use ….


Click here 6 inch M/F USB 2.0 Extension Adapter Cable A to A to view one currently on sale


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Sound connections becoming faulty?

If your sound sockets are become faulty, you can replace them with ones which plug into a USB socket. Here’s a picture of an adapter:

usb sound card

They replace the sound card built into your laptop, providing replacement headphone/speaker and microphone sockets.

Being on a USB connection, they can of course be used with desktop PCs, but are ideal for laptops/netbooks because of the high cost and hassle of replacing their built in sound card (where it’s possible).

Click here BUY ONE GET ONE FREE USB2.0 External High Quality 3D 7.1 Channel Audio Sound Card Adapter for MIC to view one currently on sale for less than £5; however more expensive ones may give better quality.


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Laptop – “First Aid” if you get water on it !

laptop sustaining water damage

If you accidentally spill some liquid on your laptop, you need to IMMEDIATELY disconnect it from any power by:-

  • removing the mains lead from the laptop
  • removing the battery

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