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Listen to digital radio on your PC

What’s your favourite radio station ?
(mine is Magic, but I also love Heart)

Do you know you can listen to it being broadcast live over your internet connection (using any computer) ?

You can even tune into a radio station in another part of the world to listen to your favourite music.

world internet radio

I tune into Magic by visiting:

You can search for your favourite station (or a station playing the music of your choice), by using Google


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Interested in Skype ?

Skype logois a FREE* internet phone service which allows you to chat with (and even see!) family or friends wherever they are in the UK … or the worl

Many of your family or friends probably already have a Skype account, and would love to “connect” with you

All you need is a computer with sound capability, a home broadband and a webcam.

A webcam is built into most laptops, netbooks and tablets. For a desktop PC you can simply add a small webcam to your existing monitor (most of them come with a microphone built-in)

webcam on monitor

If you need assistance with geting everything supplied and setup in your home, Julia the PC GP can help you – contact me by filling in this simple form (indicating which area of London you live in).


* Only some services, such as 3 way video calls, require the use of Skype credit.

If you need to buy a webcam for your desktop PC, you can click here Logitech C270 HD Webcam – Black to see one which is currently available