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Can you spot a fraudulent email?

You may occasionally receive emails pretending to be from companies such as Amazon, eBay, PayPal or Apple. Do you know how to identify one which is clearly NOT genuine?

Look at the following email which I received and see what you feel is suspect …. (there’s quite a few !)

If you have any doubts about an email, do NOT click on any links, but log onto your account using the supplier’s website – eg.,, or with your password to check for any alerts.


Email – Basic tips for staying safe


AVOIDING COMMON SCAMS – If you receive an email which claims to be from a Bank, Building Society or the Inland Revenue, simply delete the email without opening it.  These institutions would NEVER use email to communicate with you – they will phone or send you a letter.

LINKS – It’s safest not to click on links in any email which you weren’t expecting.  It may not be a genuine link – so it’s best to type the address yourself into your browser’s address bar.

ATTACHMENTS – Be cautious about opening any email with an attachment you were not expecting to receive.  If it doubt, contact the sender by telephone or by sending a separate email to them (to ensure it reaches them directly).


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