Introduction to Spreadsheets (using MS Excel)

Excel icon

Sessions Begin Monday 4th April 2021
11am, 2pm or 7.30pm

Location: Your home (via Zoom link)

This initial 1 hour webinar is designed for users familiar with Windows to help you to gain confidence in:-:-

  • Exploring the Excel screen (15 mins)
  • Moving around and zooming in your worksheets (15 mins)
  • Entering and editing data (15 mins)
  • Questions (15 minutes)

The seminar will be held over Zoom (for now). If you need help with connecting from your PC or tablet, I can provide a tutorial on request.

To allow me to answer questions from attendees, there would be just 5 participants in each session.

New trainees can attend up to 3 of these 1 hour Getting Started with sessions for Free.

Future sessions will be £20 each, which will include handouts so you can gain maximum benefit afterwards.

To register your interest, please fill in the form below. On receipt of a number of responses, I will setup the first session and sent you an invite to book via Eventbrite (it is very easy, I promise).

If you have any questions, please do email me at (the link opens up your email client)

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