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Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcut

Here’s an excellent shortcut, especially if you’re using Windows 8 – To view the Desktop, simply press the Windows logo key with the letter D


Conserving battery power

Conserve your laptop, tablet or smartphone’s battery power by keeping Bluetooth turned off whenever you’re not using it. It will also keep your device more secure from potential hackers!


DVD drive becoming faulty?

If the DVD drive inside your computer is becoming faulty (especially if it’s a laptop), do you know you can purchase a replacement which can simply plug into an available USB port?

This drive may also be ideal for you if using a netbook which doesn’t come with a drive.

DVD drive

To see one available online for just £20, click on the following link Samsung SE-208DB/TSBS Slim Portable External USB 2.0 DVDRW – Black

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Wi-fi becoming unreliable?

wi fi logoIf your wireless connection is becoming unreliable, you can simply plug a tiny adapter like this

wi fi dongle

… into one of your laptop’s USB ports. It will immediately set itself up, providing you with a steady connection to your broadband router. These adapters are readily available from high street retailers like Maplin for about £10-20.

Click here Edimax EW-7811UN 150Mbps Wireless Nano USB Adapter to view one currently on sale online.

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Tips for using the Windows 8 Start screen


Here are some tips to help you become comfortable with the Start screen in Windows 8

1. You can use your keyboard to navigate around, using the cursor keys, PageUp or PageDown and the Home and End Keys to jump to the beginning item or end item respectively.

2. You can right-click on any tile you don’t need (or want) and select ‘Unpin from Start’.

3. You can drag tiles around on the Start screen so the ones you use frequently are together.

4. You can group tiles together, perhaps creating a custom group such as one for photo editing. To do this in Windows 8, you need to ‘Zoom Out’ the Start screen, so it’s a little fiddly so I’ll write a separate blog post shortly (sign up to receive updates!). Windows 8.1 includes a Customise option which makes it easier.

5. To shut down your PC quite quickly, you can press Control-Alt-Delete {just the once!} and you’ll find (on the bottom right) a power button which makes this easy and quick!

Keyboard shortcuts:-

Windows logo key with E opens up Windows Explorer so you can browse your drives.

Windows logo key with D opens up the Desktop (press it again to close)

Windows logo key with X opens up the Admin Menu

Windows logo key with I opens up the Settings

Windows logo key with Q opens up the Search bar

More to come very shortly ….

Last updated Wednesday 3rd June

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