Mobile broadband – what are your options?

Whether or not you have ADSL or Fibre broadband at home, most people need to do a lot of web access, including accessing files in the cloud, whilst out and about – away from home.

This is where Mobile broadband can really make a big difference to how easy and fast it is to use.

Below is a picture of 2 of the types I have used in the past:-

Shown here is a Mobile Wi-fi USB dongle and a standalone Mobile Wi-fi Hotspot

How they work – Both require the purchase of a separate SIM card and a ‘data package’ from a network provider for each month that you want to use it.

As with phones there are options for those who it a lot every month (Monthly contracts of various kinds) – and others for infrequent users of internet on the move (ie. PAYG SIM plans).

Option 1 – USB Dongle – This is far less popular nowadays since it connects directly to a single PC and uses one of its USB slots (which nowadays are in short supply, especially on laptops).

Option 2 – Standalone Mobile Wi-fi Hotspot – Most users option for this device, which connects to your PC (and others using wi-fi) without a cable or USB (using a cable just for recharging it).

No. 3 – MY PREFERRED OPTION – I pay my monthly contract provider for a large amount of data each month and use my phone’s ‘tethering’ or ‘mobile hotspot’ feature (and password) to share it with my laptop and tablet to watch YouTube videos, TV or create IT training materials when away from the office or home.

The caveat of this option is the drain on battery life, but for my medium to high internet usage needs it is worth the saving in cost over the USB dongle or Standalone Mobile Wi-fi Hotspot.

Want to learn more? Get in touch to arrange an individual support or training session by clicking here.

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