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Browser Privacy – Clear your history

Have you seen my latest YouTube video on the above topic?

Below is an image from it so you can see the training style I use.

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Browsing open windows

Picture of all open windows to scroll through

Did you know how easy it is to preview ALL of the windows you have open right now?

Simply hold down Control key (left of spacebar) and each time you press the Tab key the focus will change to the next window in order.

When you reach the one you want, release your fingers and it will appear !

Tip:- To prevent the Windows from disappearing, press Shift as well. You can now use Tab on its own to scroll through at your leisure to find one you want !

Web browsing tip for ‘power users’

Do you have a lot of tabs open (as I usually do!)?

If so, you’ll just love the following tip – which works in Google and Firefox (not in Edge)

First of all, you can view all tabs in a handy drop-down list by clicking as shown below:-

If you can’t easily see the tab you’re looking for in the drop-down list, you have a ‘Search tabs” feature to find it for you. See below image to begin the process:-

Once you click on the text ‘Search tabs’ the image below shows how your screen will prompt you for the text:-

After typing in ‘Cognito’ (just an example) and pressing enter, you will see this – click on ‘Switch to tab’

Video Conference – Troubleshooting

Having a problem with the audio or video connection setup of your PC or laptop?

Zoom offer a ‘Test call’ facility which checks your Microphone and Webcam setup for you.

It can be started by visiting the web site

The test can identify an incorrect setting which could be easily rectify to allow you to use the software fully in the future – or that your device is faulty and needs to be replaced.

Of course, if you need individual support, enquire by completing the brief form..