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Struggling with using your PC?

Your mouse (or trackpad if using a laptpp) could be a factor in its ‘user friendliness’.

About an hour ago I switched from using my PCs built in wireless mouse … to this cabled ergonomic one.

Suddenly all my tasks seemed easier as the mouse glided across my screen and clicked on first attempt – wow!

A quality mouse costing say £20-30 can be well worth the investment for regular or long term users.

Focus on Document Accessibility

Using Text to Speech software or option within your software isn’t just for those who are blind or visually impaired.

It benefits many who have difficulty reading due to Dyslexia, Autism or a learning disability – or who can’t hold, use or carry a book (eg due to arthritis)

All Windows users have Narrator built into the Accessibility settings – and Word users have a Read Aloud option build into the ‘Review’ menu along the top.

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Excel tip on columns

Did you know that if you hover your mouse pointer over the border of 2 column (ideally over the A, B, ….), you make enlarge the column width to fit its contents by simply double-clicking?

Image of Excel window showing a  column A in which all the text isn't fully available as the word Lemons is missing from "Oranges and Lemons"

So you would see ALL the characters in ‘Oranges and lemons’ in the example above!

Password Safety Updates

Passwords are the bane of everyone’s life I know ….

but it is VITAL to have a safe and easy to locate record of the websites you need to log onto, which email address is registered to and it’s password.

If you have wisely added your phone number or device information for Two Factor Verification (also called 2 step verification) it’s also important to add this information – so you can update logons when you get a new handset or tablet.

Do you have a complete list?

Most people (including me in the past) find this task easy to keep put off for a future day.

Please can I help you to get this task done today?

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Home Internet “playing up”?

If your home broadband isn’t working properly at the moment (whether via a cable or via wi fi, there is an alternative.

Have you considered using the mobile data allowance provided by your mobile phone supplier each month?

Depending on the company and the plan you have chosen, you may have from 2GB to 500GB each month which you are currently using only when away from your home.

Some of this can be made available to your home laptop – or even a desktop PC which has Wi-fi capability set up, using a feature called Mobile Tethering (as shown in the picture above which is of my phone’s menu).

Once setup, any device can connect to your phone as a Hotspot (instead of your faulty Home Broadband) for a period of time.

Of course, there are 2 vital factors to keep in mind:-

1. If your mobile phone uses the same network as your home (eg Virgin), it may be no better. You would need a spare phone with a SIM card from another network (I use Vodafone but found O2 coverage good too, but everywhere has ‘blackspots”).

2. Unless you have Unlimited data, you will need to monitor your data usage while watching online videos, running Windows updates or downloading apps. Or you could ask your provder for a temporary increase in allowance?

A spare handset with a PAYG SIM with a generous data allowance for 1 month will probably be less stressful.

If you are not sure which network gives a good signal in your home or office, SIM catds can be bought for just 99p in many shops and test incoming calls will hardly cost anything.