Monthly Archives: December 2021

Zoom and Instant Messaging

Did you know that you can use Zoom for chat as well as for your video conference calls?

After signing in, it’s as simple as clicking on Chat in the toolbar and you will see this

You can type in anyone’s email address (whether a Zoom contact or not), and it will send them an invitation to ‘Connect’ (like you perhaps used to do over Skype?).

Format gives you styling options for the text, whilst the other options are self-explanatory for many of my readers. They are ‘Screenshot / File / Record / Emoji’

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Wi fi not working?

An important item to check is the device’s date !

My Android tablet just re-set its date to 1st June in the morning – for no reason at all !!

As soon as I entered the correct  date, wi fi began working normally again, to my great relief 😀

Quick Print shortcut

Windows Tip – Did you know that pressing Control and P brings up the Print Dialogue box immediately in any programme?

(even if you can’t see a Print command on screen)