Monthly Archives: November 2021

Zoom tip for hosting meetings

Knowing how to mute all participants in a meeting is very important for a host.

It’s as simple as:-

1. Click Participants located in the meeting controls.

2. Click Mute All.

It also mutes new joiners, so you are not interrupted by someone saying “Hi everyone” (when you are in the middle of speaking!)

Cloud storage on a budget

If you need more than the FREE allowance given by Apple, OneDrive or Google, did you know upgrading to 50GB, 100GB or even 200GB can cost as little as £3 on a monthly billing plan?

Apple and OneDrive both offer just 5GB free, whereas Google generously offer 15GB.

If you would like help setting up your cloud storage setup, feel free to get in touch.

Cloud storage and backup

Mobile phones which are easier to use

Have you seen Doro handsets like the one pictured below with its Address book in a nice large font?

This model has 2 ‘Speed dial’ buttons as well as 2 brightly coloured Start and End call buttons – with the remaining numeric keypad easy to see.

If you – or someone you know – would like to have Julia the PC GP supply and setup one of these, please get in touch to arrange a visit.

It would be my pleasure to help you keep in touch with your family and/or loved ones.

G A P S in your IT knowledge?

If so, the image below shows just a sample of the computing topics I can help you to learn, or build confidence in using during a one-to-one support appointment which can be as little as 1 hour – or a regular weekly or fortnightly one.

Are they the topics you need?
What others would you like me to add to this ‘Visual IT Training Menu’?

It could be related to a PC (Windows or Chrome), tablet (ios or Android) or your Smartphone (ios or Android).

I would love to hear your thoughts ……