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Using Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Do you need to use these programs on your tablet or smartphone

(as well as your desktop PC)?

“Yes”? – You probably need to invest in Office 365 Personal or Home

Office 365 Family is the version you need ONLY if you have multiple users logging on – or need more than 1TB of OneDrive Space included

Office 365 Personal is the version the majority of people need – it’s designed for single users within a home, but who use multiple devices such as a desktop PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone (even multiple devices!)

Both are available on a monthly or annual basis, which you can cancel at any time.

If you answered “No” to the above question about using mobile devices

….. you could save money by purchasing MS Office software as a single, one-off purchase. Selecting the packages you want affects the price you will pay – but there are NO recurring costs at all.


FREE Office

If you have a Microsoft account (ie. access to OneDrive), you can use Word Online, Excel Online or PowerPoint Online without any costs whilst you are connected to the internet

Want to learn more about any of the above, please get in touch.

Playing CDs or DVDs on your laptop

Bought a new laptop? You’ll have noticed that they no longer come with a CD/DVD drive !

Many still find them valuable for playing music or audio CDs they have, playing DVD’s whilst travelling or installing some software quickly.

Not a problem – it is easy to connect a drive one via USB cable. They cost less than £30 and look like the image below:-

Taskbar shortcuts

Did you know how easy it is to create a shortcut to your favourite program (eg Word)?

1. Simply find its icon within the Start Menu

2. ….. click with the right mouse button !

3. From the menu which pops up, you will see options for adding an icon to the Taskbar (bottom of screen).

Below is a picture of the pop up menu:-

Switching to a new PC

Your programs/apps

For example, the following:-

These need to be re-installed from either the original DVD they came with – or in the case of software you bought online – using a downloaded file and a licence key emailed to you

Your files

Should be straightforward, using an external drive (fast and easy, but you have to buy the drive or memory key)

…. or a cloud storage provider (FREE but takes time and in many cases hours!)

MS Office – Shortcut keys

Did you know these ?

Control and X – Cuts selected text or graphics to the Windows Clipboard

Control and C – Copies selected text or graphics to the Windows Clipboard

Control and X – Pastes text or graphics from the Windows Clipboard to the insertion point