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Royal Mail scam

Was almost taken in by a cleverly designed “Royal Mail” scam. A text message came from a company I recently posted mail to asking me to pay £2.99 so they could get it.

However, it took me to a FAKE Royal Mail website called “”.

What really confirmed its being a SCAM was the request for my Date of Birth – which is certainly not needed to pay a postage underpayment !!

This scammer didn’t make a huge effort (in my view) to disguise this being a scam, by sending a link to a website ending in .to. Also in the page design, as shown below:-

The genuine Royal Mail website has a header like the following which shows on every single page:-


Their fake page was very basic !!

To learn more about spotting “dodgy emails” (or texts/instant messages), read this post at Can you spot a fraudulent email?

If you have any doubts about a text message, instant message or email you receive – please feel free to message a picture of it to and I will review it for you.