Using “Split Pane” option in MS Word

This great feature can simplify the editing of long documents on a single monitor.

  1. With your document open, click on “View” to show this ribbon and then click on the button on the right called “Split”:-

    Screenshot 2020-11-19 135327

  2. Word places a line across the top and bottom of your screen. It also adds separate scroll bars – 1 for the top pane and another for the bottom pane, as you can see here:-

    Screenshot 2020-11-19 125542

  3. You can now use the scroll bars to move up or down  either pane.

    Alternatively (provided you have the selection point in one of them), you can use the Up/Down or PageUp/Page Down keys on your keyboard to move up or down the pages.

    Screenshot 2020-11-19 134354

  4. If you want to go back to a single pane for the document, simply click on “Remove Split” on the right of the “View” ribbon

    Screenshot 2020-11-19 135011

If you or your contacts would like assistance in using this (or other) features it would be best to ask for support from an technician who can provide remote support. This way, it can only take a few minutes – Julia provides this service, so why not click here to enquire

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