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Outlook – tip for new email addresses

If you’re switching to a new email address, this tip is good to know.

Even if you ask everyone to stop using your old email address, some will (accidentally) continue to send items to the old address. Why is this?

If they’re using Outlook, the reason may be a feature called “Auto Complete” which can be very useful – but makes it harder to change email address because it will always suggest the most recent address, as shown below!!

Outlook Autocomplete

If this happens to the person sending you an email, they can delete the “old address” by following these 2 steps:-

  1. Hover your mouse over the actual email address (without pressing Enter).
  2. Immediately press the “Delete” key on your keyboard.

Outlook will now forget this address. When they type in the NEW address, Outlook will remember it instead. You still need to update your Contacts/Address book of course, replacing the old address.

This tip is also useful if you have mis-typed an email address into Outlook, and want it to forget this.


If you or your email contacts would like assistance in doing this, it would be best to ask for support from an technician who can provide remote support. This way, it should only take a few minutes – Julia provides this service – click here to enquire


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