Clearing a paper jam from an ink printer

If you have a paper jam, it’s important to remain calm as trying to remove jammed paper can result in making the situation much worse, because the paper could tear into pieces and become stuck deep inside the mechanism and then you’d need a printer repair – or to replace the unit.

1.Sometimes, a “paper jam” report is as simple as the paper not feeding at all. In which case, you can easily pull the paper – without any resistance. If there’s only a few sheets, adding some more can often allow the printer to feed the paper. On the other hand, if there’s too many, reducing the number may overcome the problem.

2. The next step is to turn the printer OFF and open the front panel – where you insert the ink cartridges.

3. If you can’t EASILY remove the jammed paper, you’ll need to turn the printer around and see if your model has a Rear Panel like the one shown in the image below. Once opened, you can usually remove the jammed paper easily in one piece – don’t pull it too hard as it’ll tear into smaller pieces!!
HP Photosmart rear view of paper hatch4. Don’t forget to replace the rear panel – and close the front door – before switching the printer back on and trying to print again. In most cases, your printing will be fine again.

TIP: To reduce the chance of having paper jams, store paper in a cool, dry place, only open the pack when you need to start using it, and “fan it” with your fingers before adding it to the tray.

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