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Customise your File Download settings (in Chrome’s browser)

chrome logo

Are you unhappy with the default location where Google Chrome downloads your files – or would you prefer to save some files in a different place?

This may be especially useful if you have a second drive with more space than your “C drive” has.

Here’s how to change the settings:-

1. Open up the Menu to show the “Settings” option.

Chrome Settings

2. Once the Settings screen is open, you’ll need to scroll down to the end until you see “Advanced Settings”

Chrome Settings - advanced

3. Once in that screen, scroll down a little until you see the option to change Download settings – here you can browse to a folder of your choice – and (if you wish) select a checkbox to ask Chrome to prompt you for a location each time, in case you wish to choose a different one.

Chrome Download settings

4. Close down the tab for “Settings” which will save your changes.

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DVD drive becoming faulty?

If the DVD drive inside your computer is becoming faulty (especially if it’s a laptop), do you know you can purchase a replacement which can simply plug into an available USB port?

This drive may also be ideal for you if using a netbook which doesn’t come with a drive.

DVD drive

To see one available online for just £20, click on the following link Samsung SE-208DB/TSBS Slim Portable External USB 2.0 DVDRW – Black

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Tips for Excel 2010 – An excellent YouTube video

I recommend watching this excellent YouTube video – it demonstrates many great features you may benefit from:-

Buying a printer – How to compare models available


When comparing the models available, consider:-

1. Do you need the ability to scan documents and photos?

1a. If so, do you need to scan multiple pages at one time? You’ll need a model with a ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) built into the lid.

2. Do you need the ability to fax documents? If so, you’ll need a phone socket (or an extension cable) near the machine. Sending documents is simple – receiving them requires careful setup.

3. Do you need a laser printer – rather than an inkjet? These produce more durable printouts and the consumables last longer (although they do cost more).

3a. Do you need a colour model? As above, but note that a set of colour toners usually costs around £250, so you’ll need to budget for these purchases.

4. How will you connect it to your PC? Almost all models have a USB connector for direct connection to your PC. Most inkjet models also support wireless connection too. More expensive models, especially laser printers, also have an ethernet (network) port.

More to follow very soon ….

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