Password security check !

eBay has recently had their customer database “hacked” and are writing to all users advising them to change their password IMMEDIATELY as a precaution. They say your PayPal account wasn’t affected as it’s on a different server.

(Note that ebay aren’t alone in this problem, other widely used online services have experienced a similar problem – for example many of my clients use Yahoo mail accounts, provided by BT) and have had their accounts “hacked” and in many cases lost valuable data, because they didn’t have a backup copy of their email and/or contacts.

HOWEVER, if you’ve used your ebay password for other online accounts (which is very common), you should seriously consider changing their passwords too.

Cyberstreetwise recommend – quite rightly – that you …..

Passwords for different sites



If you don’t want to choose a completely separate password – you could consider adding the name of the service (eg. “-ebay” or “-hotmail” or “-PayPal”) to the end of each password ?


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