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Word – Thumbnails view

Here’s a great tip for long documents. You can view a panel showing a “thumbnail” of each page on the left hand side of the screen, allowing you to quickly see an overview of its layout and contents without too much scrolling

Word thumbnails view

To see this panel, call up the “View” menu and you’ll see a tickbox for Show/Hide Thumbnails. The panel can even be resized to you can see 2 pages side by side.


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If you or your contacts would like assistance in using this (or other) features it would be best to ask for support from an technician who can provide remote support. This way, it can only take a few minutes – Julia provides this service, so why not click here to enquire

Interested in Skype ?

Skype logois a FREE* internet phone service which allows you to chat with (and even see!) family or friends wherever they are in the UK … or the worl

Many of your family or friends probably already have a Skype account, and would love to “connect” with you

All you need is a computer with sound capability, a home broadband and a webcam.

A webcam is built into most laptops, netbooks and tablets. For a desktop PC you can simply add a small webcam to your existing monitor (most of them come with a microphone built-in)

webcam on monitor

If you need assistance with geting everything supplied and setup in your home, Julia the PC GP can help you – contact me by filling in this simple form (indicating which area of London you live in).


* Only some services, such as 3 way video calls, require the use of Skype credit.

If you need to buy a webcam for your desktop PC, you can click here Logitech C270 HD Webcam – Black to see one which is currently available

Your mobile phone – is it backed up ?

phone backup

A recent backup will ensure you won’t lose your valuable address book and photos, etc.

Many phones, like the iPhone shown above, can backup to a PC using iTunes and a USB cable …. others require their own software (often downloadable from their website)

Many Android devices (and my own Blackberry) can backup to “the cloud” so you don’t even need to be near a computer (great if you’re travelling!)


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Keeping children safe online

You don’t need to know everything about the technology.  You can use everyday parenting skills to help keep your child safe.  Just take an interest in what your child does online, either on a computer or mobile phone.

Be positive !  The internet is a fantasic resource for learning, entertainment and communication.  Just like in the real world, you need to take a few sensible precautions (see below).


Top Tips for staying safe

Remember, everyone you meet online is a stranger, even though they might seem like a friend.

Always use a nickname when you log on and never give out any personal details that would allow someone you meet online to contact you.  This includes your full name, home or school location, telephone number, personal or mobile phone number.

Never arrange to meet up alone with someone you make friends with online.  If you decide to meet, take an trusted adult and meet in a public place.

Try to have your online conversations in public – people are less likely to hassle you if other people can see them doing it.

Accepting emails or opening files from people you don’t really know can get you into trouble – they can contain viruses, nasty messages or annoying links to stuff you don’t want to see.

Talk to an adult you know well and ask for help if you’re worried or upset about anything you’ve seen or been sent online.

Internet safety image


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