Broadband not working ? – What you can check before calling your supplier ….

If you have any other devices in the home which can connect to the internet – such as a tablet or smartphone, can they connect to your router via cable or wirelessly?

1. Is phone cable from your modem connected into the socket securely ?
2. Is the “ADSL” light on your modem visible ?
3. Is your phone line working okay ? If not check the cable is firmly connected between your phone and the socket ?

If using a cable connection
1. Is cable firmly connected to the back of the computer – and the modem/router ?
2. Can you see the network connection symbol in your “notification tray” (near the time). If not, check it’s connected using the Control Panel. I will publish an article showing how to check this shortly – in the meantime, please feel free to email for advice, stating if you’re using Windows  XP, Vista, 7 or 8 ?
3. Does the problem remain after restarting your computer (using the Shut Down command) ?

If using a wireless connection
1. Is the wireless on your laptop turned on – often there is a switch and a corresponding light ?
2. If using an adapter, is it fully plugged in ?
3. Is the “Wireless” light on your modem lit ?
4. Does the problem remain after restarting your computer (using the Shut Down command) ?

If none of the above resolve your problem, and especially if your phone isn’t working either and it’s not a cable problem, you may now need to call your Internet Service Provider for help.


1. If possible, it’s best to call them from your home phone number as the call will usually be free.

2. Even if calling them from a mobile, it’s best to call whilst at home and near your computer, modem and connections so they can troubleshoot your problem and hopefully resolve it before sending an engineer (which they will often charge for if the problem is found to be with your computer or cabling).


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